Save Project Resonance

At a moment when our discourse and public sphere feels increasingly fractured, Daniel Costa and dancers want to offer a visceral and poetic vision of togetherness through contemporary dance and performance.


This pages includes the following:


My Story

My Beliefs, Goals & a Call to Action

How to Take Advantage of the CARES Act


My Story

Resonance was a project started by Daniel Costa and dancers in partnership with Velocity Dance Center in 2020 and due to COVID-19 the performances were put on hold. With the extent of this pandemic impacting local arts organizations like our original partners, I am asking your help to save Project Resonance which will employ 5 Seattle-based dance artists and a Seattle-based filmmaker.


Help save this work as I re-imagine Project Resonance for film, so you can experience contemporary dance from one of Seattle’s up and coming contemporary dance groups no matter where you are!


Stay curious with contemporary dance and help save Project Resonance through a direct contribution to Daniel Cost Dance.


I Believe in Contemporary Dance

I believe that...


Contemporary Dance is vital for the city of Seattle and beyond.


Dance artists in this city need more opportunities to embrace their craft and bring dance works to life.


Artists need to be paid a living wage for their amazing work.


Contemporary dance has profound impacts on our ability to remain curious about our world and connects us to our humanity.



You Can Help Sustain Dance Arts


You can be a pillar in the foundation of a new work of art that has the ability to influence and directly impact so many viewers through the collaboration of film and dance, and an online viewing platform.


With the support from individual donors like you, I have already raised $6,470 for Project Resonance! In order to cover the full cost of expenses required to create this new work of art, I need to raise an additional $6,210.



Are you ready to save Project Resonance?

Daniel Costa Dance is fiscally sponsored by a non-profit organization, Fractured Atlas, making all donations tax-deductible.



If you are unfamiliar, the CARES Act re-incentivizes charitable giving by creating a $300 above the line deduction for qualified charitable contributions, like those made to Daniel Costa Dance. This deduction is available to all taxpayers that take the standard deduction on their 2020 return. 


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