Daniel Costa 


Daniel Costa (he/him) is Daniel Costa Dance. I started DCD in 2017 and I wear many hats to make my dreams come true, all from my little home office in Seattle, Washington. Some of what I do includes: choreographing, performing, directing, fundraising, project management, marketing and website design. 


I am originally from Central New Jersey, and I moved to Seattle in 2015. I identify as a queer choreographer, performer and educator who seeks to strip away shame and access vulnerability by channeling athleticism, artistry, and healing through dance. I am currently on faculty at Emerald Ballet Academy. I have also served on faculty for two years at Strictly Seattle, a 3-week dance intensive held annually at Velocity Dance Center. 


My choreography has received numerous awards, grants, residencies and commissions. Credits include:


  • 4Culture's Project Grant

  • Choreographic commissions including groups works with Bellingham Repertory Dance and Velocity Dance Center and Senior BFA solos at both Western Washington University and Cornish College of the Arts. 

  • Seattle International Dance Festival's James Ray Residency Project

  • Spectrum Dance Theater's Summer Residency

  • Velocity: V2 & Northwest Film Forum's Dance + Film Residency

  • SeattleDances' DanceCrush Award

  • Rutgers University's Margery J. Turner Choreographer Prize


I have presented work in Seattle for over  5 years. Credits include:

  • Seattle International Dance Festival

  • Chop Shop: Bodies of Work

  • BOOST Dance Festival

  • 12 Minutes Max

  • Men in Dance

  • Next Fest Northwest

  • Evoke Productions' Full Tilt Dance Festival 

  • Capitol Hill Arts District Streaming Festival

As a performer, I have performed works by inspiring artists from across the United States and Canada. Credits include:

  • Adam Barruch

  • Alex Ketley

  • Crystal Pite

  • Kate Weare

  • Madboots Dance

  • Stephanie Liapis

  • Wade Madsen

  • Cherdonna Shinatra

  • Shen Wei

  • Larry Keigwin

  • Manuel Vignoulle

  • Keith Thompson 

  • Randy James (10 Hairy Legs - NY/NJ)

  • Laura Peterson (Laura Peterson Choreography - NYC)


I hold a BFA in dance from Mason Gross School of the Arts at Rutgers University.

Currently, I am developing a body of work around the concept of resonance, and the ways in which energy reverberates both in an individual body and in a collective. At a moment when our discourse and public sphere feels increasingly fractured, I want to offer a visceral and poetic vision of togetherness through contemporary movement.  


DCD will be known as a group of embodied and shameless artists who wear their truths openly, enabling their audiences to do the same in their daily lives.


To empower embodiment by creating spaces for individuals to discover more authenticity of the Self through dance and express that discovery with others in an effort to heal. 


Openness: I value entering into my artistic process with an open heart, mind and spirit. This encourages my collaborators and audiences to do the same, allowing everyone to give more, receive more and stay curious.

Truthfulness: The artist can fully believe in and trust in the work only when everyone in the work is living their truth openly, shamelessly and vulnerably. In performance, that trust helps ignite a powerful presence and force that DCD audiences crave.

Inclusiveness: I respect others, commit to equality and appreciate diversity. I believe Contemporary Dance changes lives and connects me to my humanity. I want this powerful art form to be accessible to all.

Gratitude: I am thankful for every opportunity to create, teach and express, and I honor each opportunity through the immense amount of care and attention I place in my work. The result is art that deeply impacts and invigorates my community.